Thursday, October 11, 2007

also the reason my underarms stay dry.

Having my own pointy chinned-strawberry blond, I wonder about how to combat all of this. I love her little body. Her wee, round belly. Her dimply hands. I want her to know that she is enough. I'm so glad that there are years and years before I have to have answers for her. I am so glad that for now, she struts around in her diaper and dances like a wild woman. I am thankful that junior high dances are a long way off.


Ona said...

I just have to sum it up in one word, "WOW"!

Thank goodness Jasmynn is 6 and not 16.

Anonymous said...

that was SO TRUE. and sad.

Lion Heart said...

This video exploits the facts! I'm glad you shared this video. Where'd you find it? Did it air on t.v? I haven't seen it. I really like the dove commercials. I'm actually going to use up the rest of my pantene and try dove shampoo big change for me. I have used pantene for years. But if my moneys going to have to go into someones pocket its going into the pockets of those who are having a campaign for self-esteem and real beauty.

Team Johnston said...

I'm going to follow Ona's lead and say "WOW!"
Thank God Allyson is only 5, we still have a few more years to go.
~Danielle :)

Glory Laine said...

Yikes. Tobin is on my lap right now. I clicked on the cute red-headed girl and warped my childs brain with flashes of breasts and butts. As I was scrabbling to click it off his eyes wonder from my screen to Cyber Chase on TV. I breath knowing at this age cartoons win over naked women. How much longer do I have before that flips?