Tuesday, October 30, 2007

back to the 'patch.

I wasn't going to post today in preparation for November. But then the girl has to go and be all cute and covered in cinnamon sprinkles. And I'm a sucker for cute. Here's her round pumpkin head a year ago on our trip to the 'patch with our MOPS friends.And in the same spot with the same friends today. Last year, she cuddled in the sling. This year, she ran.

No more posts from me until Thursday. And then, I fear, much more than any of us want to hear.


Alida said...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for NOVEMBER!! Yipee!

Anonymous said...

I miss That girl!

Aunt Dani

momaof4 said...

I love that she is in pink both times, such fun to see her running around.

mcmom said...

She is just soooooo darn cute.

Ona said...

Claire, you are soooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

what a difference a year makes! you should do the photo again next year. still so cute.

Team Johnston said...

so cute!
~Danielle :)

priscilla tilgner said...

What a cutie pie! I loved watching her at the pumpkin patch! Do you mind e-mailing me this pic for the slide show i'm putting together?

Tom said...

The worst toy Grace ever played with was her own poo.

Her Giant said...

Tom, I think that was actually the worst snack that Grace ever ate.

Tom said...

You're right, and i'm an idiot b/c i posted that last comment under the wrong post (was supposed to be the one about toys!).

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