Monday, October 15, 2007


I'm pretty sure that I am somewhere around 40% water and 60% pumpkin spice latte by now. I love fall. The leaves. The costumes. The pumpkin patch. It makes me want to wear wool socks and eat butternut squash soup. I spent a few hours making inedible pumpkin bread yesterday with Claire. I'm not sure what I left out, but the bread was not right. My little assistant enjoyed eating the canned puree so much that at one point she seriously attempted to get the entire bowl from my Kitchenaide mixer into her wee small mouth.
I'd like to use up the rest of the puree to make something we might actually eat. Can anyone recommend a good pumpkin scone recipe? I mean, besides the recipe that involves the Starbucks drive thru. We are quite familiar with that recipe around these parts.


Stephanie said...

I don't know about pumpkin scone recipe, but if you like oatmeal, I have a FABULOUS pumpkin oatmeal recipe.Sydney and I love it and cherish our bowls of it every morning (and then again for lunch today!).

Their Giant said...

We LOVE oatmeal. Will you email me the recipe?

Alida said...

I use pumpkin puree in most of my bean soup recipes...for the leftovers the kids love mini-pumpkin pies.

Left over canned pumpkin
1/2 can of condensed milk
pumpkin spice to taste

mix and pour into Keebler mini pie crusts(comes with the tin) and bake at 350* for...I don't know 20 minutes or until it looks like a pie.

Sorry, not too specific, but we did this on a whim one day and they turned out so yummy!

rae ann said...

umm... can you *post* the oatmeal recipe?? that sounds incredible!