Sunday, October 14, 2007

you make me wanna be brave.


Cynthia said...

She looks so sophisticated in her cute little brown hoodie. I have not kept up with you two like I should. I just read like 6 blogs. I hate being busy.

I did think about you last Sunday night around midnight when I was trying to give Avery her bottle (that she woke me up for with her cries) only to have her fall asleep on me! There's no waking that girl up when she's asleep. After putting her down and then getting up 20 minutes later to go through the same drill, I finally changed her diaper. Apparently getting naked enlivens her:)

Love you. Miss you.

Alida said...

She's changing...growing, but still so beautiful. I just love those eyes!

AngieG said...

Perfect reference - Nicole Nordeman songs can really "hit the nail on the head." I missed taling with you at Women of Faith. I had a great day - did you??

Their Giant said...

Angie- I loved it. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was great!

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