Wednesday, November 28, 2007

buy this bib

You don't always want your kid to be naked. I mean, it's cute and everything, but where we live it is a soggy, cold mess right now and stripping her down for meals feels a little inhumane. Also, public nude dining isn't really our thing. I had been searching around for a bib that would do its job and stay on her body the entire meal.

A friend recently introduced me to this this baby. I want to marry this bib. It's sturdy and washable. The latch on the back stays put. I wasn't sure about the wee small pocket in front, but the pocket is Claire's favorite feature. She'll drop a bean or an olive in there and suddenly has a reason to shout, "uh-oh!" and reach in for the lost item. Hours of fun, people. Best of all, the bib is considerably cheaper than the therapy she'd need to get over the humiliation of public nude dining.
Buy the bib, chumps. Buy it.


just another A3 girl said...

that face it like a work of art! maybe you have a mini picasso on your hands...such skill :)looking forward to this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Awesome mess - I'm glad it's not on the clothes. :)

momaof4 said...

She reminds me of the movie 'Meet the Robinsons' when the PB&J makers goes crazy!!

See you tonight! :) Serious.

Anonymous said...

I was always looking for a bid that would work for Brayden too. We went through stages where he would pull them all off, or they weren't big enough so the stuff would land in his lap. This does look like a good one - although I am sure he would have found a way around it to. Luckily he is a little less messy now so we don't use bibs as often (and eat figer foods when we are out and about). OR we always have extra clothes on hand!!!

Ona said...

She makes "messy" cute. Have fun at the movies...Saw IV right?

Hosmerita said...

Have fun tonight! I so want to see Enchanted, I mean where else can I see Mc Dreamy other than 80s movies and ABC.
I will miss him tonight, homework.

Their Giant said...

I'd first have to see Saw 1, 2, and 3...then I'd need therapy. I'm just too big of a baby for that stuff.

Stephanie said...

This picture and your caption had me laughing all day yesterday. Had to come back and comment because it gave me such a good chuckle.

Valerie of Momia said...

Sounds like a great bib! "The girl" would make a great poster child for the bib!

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