Friday, November 09, 2007


A note to myself, November 2005

"You can't know this right now but soon enough things will change. In a few short weeks, you will look up and see her bouncing around on the TV screen. There will be five tiny fingers flared out, jazz-hand style, waving, telling you what you already know, I’m here. Even through the grainy screen, she will be pretty. After months of nausea and uncertainty, you will be taken by her in that instant. You will never be the same. She will stop being the cause of nausea. That is the day that you will become her mama."
Also, you may want to lay off the macaroni and cheese. Our butt will thank you.


Ona said...

Are you pregnant already?

Happy McNally Mom said...

I love memories like these.

Their Giant said...

Oh Ona, check the date on the letter. I'm NOT pregnant. Those are just some thoughts about the ultrasound with Claire 2 years ago.

Alida said...

UH! They grow so fast. Can you believe it? So does that picture stir up know...feelings?

Hosmerita said...

Awww, alright get busy you two! So we can see your next ultrasound! We need some more preggers around here, we have a few ready to pop!

momaof4 said...

How cute you wrote yourself a note. You are one creative writting gal. I love reading them...did you lay off the Mac and Cheese? ;0

Holly said...

That is so cool Claire waved at you. I can even see her little hand in that tiny image! What a friendly girl.

Team Johnston said...

They grow up so fast! :)
~Danielle :)

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