Friday, November 30, 2007

a long november.

When Claire does something she's especially proud of she shouts, "Ididit!" Sometimes she also adds a little "ta-da!" as a verbal flourish. I love watching her, but you already know that.

This month has been a blur. Baking. Hosting my first Thanksgiving (note to self: 1 turkey is enough, fool). Cutting felt leaves. The Weepies on repeat. Playdates that I loved. Ones the girl loved too. A trip to the movies with girlfriends. Sick kiddo. Sick Dada. New chooz. Rain. A million stories read in my lap. New signs. New words. Trying. The girl keeps growing, growing, growing. I find new things to appreciate in the Dada. I find new strength in myself. A million written words and bunch of photos. Sketchy editing at best. I don't like posting every day. To quote myself from the other night, "I am so sick of me." So, friends, a little break is in store, but don't worry, I'll be back soon. I promise.

Ididit. And Ta-da.


Lion Heart said...

hooray for you! you did it!

Anonymous said...

i am kind of sad... i liked reading up on you guys everyday, and i'm not sick of you....

Anonymous said...

Here's to us, my friend! It was a fun experiment. You made it. Have a great few days off.

We'll see you tomorrow at 10am, okay? I can promise I will be in my pajamas, but Maggie will be ready for Claire!

rae ann said... blogging every day is no small feat.

enjoy your break.

and call me sometime... :)

Cynthia said...

Ditto on The Weepies! Finally finished The Time Traveler's Wife! Loved it! If I haven't told you before, thanks for sending it to me...even if it did take me a year to read it:)

Alida said...

You know I blame you for getting me involved in Nablopomo...or should I thank you? It's too soon to say. I love reading your blog. You take a well-deserved break, but come back soon.

Hey, I read "The Time Travelers Wife" too. Did you like it?

Anonymous said...

I'll miss the daily updates. :)

Their Giant said...

I loved The Time Travelers Wife..but it was one of those ones I found myself thinking about for days after finishing. What did you think of it?

momaof4 said...

Not to long friend! I love your posts.

GREAT JOB!!!! Here's to another year??

Stephanie said...

You're amazing with all your posting every day. And with all your stinking cute photos.

Ta da is right!

Glory Laine said...

I love the title of this post. Good thinkin. And really TWO turkeys?

Anonymous said...

I miss you - come back!!!!!!

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