Tuesday, November 13, 2007


If you can get over looking like a dork, infant sign language will rock your world. I know for sure that Claire LOVES all animals. I know when she's tired. When she's hungry. And when she wants a cookie. (Hint: almost always). At this stage of the game, she's hungry for words, and also cookies. Simple communication means fewer tantrums. Fewer tantrums mean more time with your child wherein you're not fantasizing about abandoning your child. Everyone wins.


Anonymous said...

I came to appreciate infant sign language because of Claire. It has been helpful when she's over for us to know exactly what she wants.

I really wish I had done that with my kiddos when they were little.

Cynthia said...

I'm diggin' those boots Claire has on. Do they make them in my size?

Glory Laine said...

We need to increase our signs around here. Do you use a baby sign book?

Alida said...

Is she signing "cookie" in the picture?

momaof4 said...

Loving the boots!
It's more right? More cookies!
Cookie Monster.

rae ann said...

baby sign language has saved my life. one of the bean's first signs was for "pain" and i remember how relieved i was that she could tell me when and where she hurt.

way to go, little C!

Team Johnston said...

We used baby sign language with Allyson & Thomas. But once they started talking they stopped using it. Glory Laine I have a sign language dictionary if you are interested.
~Danielle :)

Lion Heart said...

Super cute boots! thanks for the card! I showed it to paris but then had to take it away since she tried to rip the stickers off for herself.
I'm glad they fit! sorry I had to give them to you wet!

Their Giant said...

I like Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies by Karen Warburton. Claire likes the pictures in that one too.

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