Wednesday, November 14, 2007

worth repeating.

I posted this quote from The Mother's Almanac, last spring, which for me, puts into words why I blog.

“You need to accomplish a little bit every day-something that can’t be undone by another wash, another meal, another day of dust. A day in which nothing new is learned or nothing permanent is done is a day wasted as far as your psyche is concerned, for none of us ever stops growing.”

It also explains why I am spending today off of the computer and organizing my chaotic basement. Pictures to follow.


Team Johnston said...

Hope you have fun cleaning! :)
~Danielle :)

Ona said...

Have a blast!

momaof4 said...

Love that quote. SO true we need to take time to just do nothing but something for ourselves :)

Good luck on the basement cleaning!!

Anonymous said...

I love that quote. It's so true. I've been feeling like I can never catch up on all the housework lately, so this is a breath of fresh air.