Friday, December 21, 2007

'tis better to give.

Christmas 2002: I get Nate a super-cool book that he's been looking for forever. He falls in love (with the book first, later with me).

Christmas 2003: Nate surprises me with the kitchenaide mixer. In a longstanding bet with a group of girlfriends, whoever is the last to marry, the others will pitch in on an 'aide for her. I wouldn't be getting mine from my girlfriends.

Christmas 2004: I have a sign made for the new shop. He hangs it the next day.

Christmas 2005 & 2006: I have no idea what either of us got the other.

Christmas 2007: Nate excitedly calls me from the shop to tell me that our big Christmas purchase has arrived.


Anonymous said...

The best Christmas ever!
Love you guys.

rae ann said...

haha! that's funny! that's the exact same gift we picked out for the bean when lulu arrived. it was in an effort to occupy her while i re-learned how to breastfeed and figure out how to cater to and balance 2 kids.

claire is sure to love it!

Alida said...

They sure do change things...don't they? Now you can have another one, since (according to "the mama")it'll keep her occupied. Good planning.

momaof4 said...

Is this for you? :)

Love it!
Those are such fun...can't wait to see what you get too.

Ona said...

She's gonna love it!