Monday, January 28, 2008

boy yammies and her doat.

Last week, I realized that all of Claire's jammies were either very near capri status, or in the case of those with feet, looking a little painful. I decided to forgo the usual polka dot cuteness of girl pajamas, and pick up a couple pairs of boy pjs. The girlie who loves her trucks and buses couldn't have been more pleased.

Yesterday, as we were getting ready for church, I asked her if she wanted to wear pants or a dress. Her response? "My doat." Sadly, her doat is not the ultra cute plaid peacoat that I put on her every chance I get. Her doat is this green velor bomber style coat that we picked up for $3 at a thrift store when we were at the coast. She was cold, and it was there. The doat is too small, ill-fitting and has a suspicious looking bunny embroidered on the front. Needless to say, the girl loves it. I am not a fan. If she'd had her way, she would have worn the bottom half of her yammies and the doat with no shirt under it to church. We compromised by letting her wear the coat over regular clothes. The girl shed actual tears over the whole thing.

I can only imagine what's going to happen when this child starts requesting Dora shirts and Melmo pants.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention Barbie tennis shoes. Yeah, it's gonna happen, I'm sorry to say.

I am shuddering at all the boy clothes that Mason is interested in right now. Horrifyingly ugly.

If you ever want to know if I win the clothing fights at our house, just look at how Morgan is dressed all the time. I lose.

Maybe the doat needs to disappear unexpectedly. That kind of thing happens at my house. Items of clothing that are never seen or heard from again. It's weird.

I do have to say that Claire can look cute in anything, even a doat with a suspicious looking bunny on it!!

Ang said...

Clark has a favorite shirt - it's a green polo from the Gap with some stripes on it. It's short sleeved and getting way too small. I have to hide it or else he screams to put it on. His favorite pairing is that with some blue pajama bottoms. As soon as we get home he likes to change into that ensemble. I thought he'd forgotten about it and then he was a little sick this weekend and the outfit was revived. He was so happy that I just let it go. Let's face it, pajama pants really are more comfortable than regular pants. Who wouldn't want to wear them all the time?

Anonymous said...

And besides, blue eyed girls look fabulous in cute blue clothes, even if those clothes are really for boys. :) The "doat", though is awesome - that may turn into a blackmail item/story when she is 16.

And I agree with Ang - can we all wear pajama bottoms all the time?

Alida said...

We left Target this weekend without shoes for Luke because I absolutely refused to spend my money on Transformer tennis shoes.

Sorry, I have the money, it's my choice. A tough lesson for a 5-year old...he'll live.

This however is rare with Luke. Poor kids could really care less. Althoug sometimes he does insist on wearing his suit to the oddest places.

Isabela however...sigh. Everyday we spend time compromising. This morning after she peed, she walked out of the bathroom wearing two necklaces and three bracelets, pigtails she did herself and her bother's red penguin pajamas.

Did I mention she also had on a pair of sunglasses? Girls!!!

P.S. The Doat is not that me!

momaof4 said...

Oh I have given up the fight at times! too. Isaac went to Winco today with red pants, neon blue socks, and a orange and white shirt??? He will throw a HUGE fit if it does not fit just right.

Renae, oh boy. Honestly I think of Leslie. If she can let it go. then I should be able to also. Sometimes it's not worth tears, from Mom or the girl.

Ona said...

Where can I get that outfit in my size???

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