Friday, January 11, 2008

a good year.

On New Year's Eve 2006, we all got sick at the same time, for the first time. That was neat.

In February, we moved from the little house to this one. That little house holds tons of my memories, but this is home now. He was right. We are home to each other.

We had our first trip to the ER as a family. Later, I became convinced that my house was trying to kill me. Man, this recap is kind of a downer.

On a happy note, after a year of motherhood, I discovered this little gem. Also, I started praising my girl in my sleep.

She walked! And I changed the name of this verytiny blog.

The Dada did fine for two nights without me and then removed our roof.

I discovered that the car does not make the woman.

Last fall, I posted a photo of myself showcasing my wonderful sense of style.

Of everything I wrote in this blog during the month of November, this was my most favorite November post. Go figure.

After all of that blogging in November, I kind of got tired of my own voice. I barely posted in December, and the most important things that happened in our lives during that month never made it into the blog. But lately, I've missed having a place to write it all down.
For no reason at all, a photo of the girl with a sock on her hand, because why not?


Anonymous said...

So...the most important thing that happened in December? I can't stand the cliff hangers Kari!!

You did have a busy year last year, huh? I'm looking forward to you continuing to be my neighbor in 2008.

momaof4 said...

So are we going to hear about December at all? Or just have to wait till they are reveiled(sp?) in 08??

Love the recap!! See you soon.

Alida said...

Pink hand puppets!!! I see acting on stage in her future...

Ona said...

Here's to better year than before :)

Ang said...

Happy day after! Sorry for not writing yesterday... I did remember but was held captive by a (not so) lovely flu bug that kept me in bed.

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