Friday, February 22, 2008

12 weeks and some.

If this were a few years ago, I could tell you exactly what the baby was doing developmentally, I could compare the baby to a corresponding piece of fruit (thank you, Baby Center), and I might even include a little note to the wee fetus. This is not a few years ago. Then, I was working part-time, I was going to school in the evenings and most importantly, I didn't have this wild woman to chase around.

There are barely any photos of me during the months I was pregnant with Claire. I assured myself that I would document the girth the next time around. This sounded good in theory. Already, I feel like a ridiculous manatee, and taking photos isn't really on my mind. I do have the above one of the three of us.
I prefer pictures of twirling toddlers. I mean look at her, so cute. Even without pants. Love those two. Nothing makes my heart melt like a big, strong man dancing to Ella Fitzgerald in the kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

watching your husband dance with your daughter is pretty special. that's a memory to treasure for sure.

love you.