Sunday, March 02, 2008

i don't know you but i want you even more for that.

There are good things about second pregnancy. It goes fast. You already have tricks to combat nausea. You can skip the pregnancy books and focus on important things like why Paula said she wanted to hang that little American Idol boy from her rear view mirror? And why is that a compliment?

There are hard things. You forget how tired you will be. You wait just a little too long to make the switch to maternity jeans. Your husband may mention that this time around just isn't as exciting for him. And you find yourself worrying about this one a lot more than you ever did about the girl.

When you think about the first one, you remember the end. The gigantic-manatee time. Watching your belly do the wave. The early months feel long and lonely. You hear maybe one too many story about someone else's tragedy. You eat another Cadbury's. You place your hands on your swelling belly and say, "do something." Your wee small child, the size of a lemon, is quiet and still. What else can you do? You wait. And while you wait, you may as well have some entertainment in the form of your childhood self in a bad wig and an awesome jumpsuit. There, that feels better.


ang said...

I thought this was Dave until I read your full post. Nice! :)

ang said...

Oh, and you'll be a manatee again before you know it. This second child will decide to take advantage of your lax stomach muscles to really show you what it's like to really have things moving. Enjoy the silence a bit longer if you can.

momaof4 said...

I remember thinking with the second, that I would have to move Noah out of the middle of the car seat!!! NO. Not my baby. That's the best place for him. But this new baby is just as important and special...but they aren't here yet... Then that little mind debate was settled with twins. :)

See you soon.

Mrs. Ranch said...

It is different the second time around, but I promise you that once Claire's sibling is born, you'll love and love and love the new little guy/girl just as much as this one.

Oh, and I promise to only tell you good pregnancy stories for the next 7 months, okay?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I too thought it was a picture of Dave until I got to the end. Oops. I see it's you now. :)

And I'm liking the new masthead...that pose & shirt seem very familiar. :) Thanks again for letting us crash your afternoon.

Anonymous said...

yep, dig the new masthead. and the jump suit. only you could rock that. and you do.


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