Tuesday, April 15, 2008

boy clothes & beach girls.

It didn't take long to realize that cute boy clothes are not in the same abundance as girl ones. Thankfully, Priscilla clued me in on a great resource for moms that don't feel like dressing their infant boys as miniature firefighters, baseball players or astronauts. Priscilla is an amazing bargain shopper and an extremely cool girl. We took our girlies to the coast for a little outlet shopping and a great lunch. They weren't impressed with the shopping, but they were thrilled to run hand-in-hand and explore.


momaof4 said...

I love when they have the jeans on sale.!!! boy if that is one pair of clothes a boy can wear out in a matter of a few weeks!!! Get them cheap, and well made.

Thats my trick for boys ;0

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TCP! They had great prices for some really cute stuff! I just went summer shopping there for Brayden and got a HUGE bag of stuff and only spent about $100....but I did have a coupon. Have you checked out Gymboree yet? They have adorable stuff to. So lets see some pictures of what you bought for the little guy!!!!


Lion Heart said...

the girls look so pretty and cute. someday we'll have to post pics of our boys wrestleing, not so pretty but still it will be very cute. can't wait for you to meet your boy, its going to be quite the adventure.