Tuesday, April 29, 2008

quote to remember...and one to forget.

At my monthly appointment:
Doctor- "You gained 6 lbs. since your last appointment. Have you been eating a lot?"
Me- "Yes."

Driving by Home Depot:
Claire (shouts), "Dada's Groceries!"


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love it!

katie said...

oh the joys of prego doctor visits... the best for me was toward the end with max, in 3 days I gained 9 lbs... that is not humanly possible..they stopped weighing me after that so I could make it through an appointment without crying... fun stuff.. you look great regardless!!!

momaof4 said...

At least your honest! I think you look great though!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when the doctors give a guilt trip about the weight! As if we don't give ourselves enough grief about it. You should tell the doctor next time that you ate a diet consisting of only candy bars and pop for the whole month.

I love the groceries quote. That is priceless.