Wednesday, April 02, 2008

three pictures by request.

Here it is, in all its glory, our Element. This car is a serious pleasure to drive.

Also, I know you've been dying to see the belly, so here it is, careful, don't blind yourself by looking directly at my upper arm:

Camo pants in honor of the extra testosterone floating around in there. Lastly, the girlie, rocking piggytails that she spent an hour pulling out and then saying, "Mama, my piggies, my piggies" and begging me to put them back in.


rae ann said...

awww... the belly! but... where's your head?

glad you're loving your new ride- you'll never go back now.

Lion Heart said...

so fabulous! love all the pics!

Happy McNally Mom said...

I love the pants!!!!! You look so awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the piggies! Rock it, Claire. Did I just not notice the pregnant belly before, or have things gotten more noticable in the past week? Lookin' good.

annamary said...

Cutie girls! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

love each one of the pics.
love you.

Ona said...

Love the pictures. I too had camos when I was pregnant.

Team Johnston said...

The "piggies" are adorable! The ride looks awesome! So does the belly!
~Danielle :)

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