Friday, May 02, 2008


Dear Claire,
Last week you turned two. I was busy gestating your brother, gaining six pounds and planning your birthday party. Lots of friends brought baboons, and you had a wonderful time. You have taken to carrying a lone, withered balloon around the house and several times this week the bedtime song you requested is "Happy Birthday to you."
I find myself wanting to hold you more. Wanting to kiss your hair and listen to your little stories. I find myself wanting to squeeze the life out of these last four months while you are my only one. I know that the heart will expand to make space for this new baby. I know it. I know it, because I felt it happen with you. Still, it's just been us girls for so long now that it's strange to imagine us with another baby.

You're already making plans for the baby. You mentioned giving him a bath. You picked out a little beanie for him. You go in his nursery and check things out. You aren't worried. I'm glad one of us thinks we can handle this.
I love you, girlie.
*Thanks, Sarah for the pictures.


Ona said...

Happy Birthday Claire!

cece said...

Of course I don't have any children of my own, but I do remember when my friend, Claire, was pregnant with her second...I remember thinking how in the world can I love this one as much as I love Garrett? Then the first time I held Grant with Garrett curled up beside me, I knew that I was worried for nothing. I have no doubt you will have more than enough room in that big heart of yours for both of your little ones.

Anonymous said...

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