Saturday, May 31, 2008

25 months: some things I want to remember.

You put your boots on first thing in the morning.
You know what compost is, where we put it and what doesn't belong in there.
Shouts of "NEW CAR!" in your best Boston accent whenever we see an Element.
How you somehow transitioned from A,B,C,C,9,9,10 to the actual alphabet (more or less) in the space of a week.
How you pucker your lips in between the slats in your crib, because I can no longer lean over the boy to reach you at night.
How you pat my belly and say "heavy baby" when I ask you to walk, rather than being held.
How very much I want to hold onto this time that is moving so quickly toward a big unknown.
How when I am scared, you are there with a diced tomato box on your head.

I've asked you if you are a big girl or a little girl several times. So far, every time you have answered, "li-lil gull." And I am glad. I'm not ready for big. My baby. My first girl.


Jeff, Renee, Carter and Camden said...

You have the most fabulous blog ever. I read and reread your posts, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry. The way you love that little girl radiates through your words about her. I am so in awe.

Anonymous said...

I love the's been fun to watch her over the past 8 months. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh she is becoming a big girl isn't she? And so cute!

See you tomorrow.

Alida said...

Sometimes we do need them so much more than they need us!