Sunday, May 11, 2008

of washing machines and happymamaday!

There was a time early in our marriage when we had no money and a broken washing machine. As soon as it broke, I sent Nate to buy another one because of course I needed a new one THAT DAY. I've never been great at waiting. Anyway, when we returned from purchasing the replacement washer, a friend pulled into our driveway with a perfectly good washer that he didn't need anymore. Ouch. God wanted to bless me but I wanted to bless myself. That, friends, pretty much sums up my experiences as a believer. I don't write about my faith much here. Not because it isn't real or important to who I am but some things feel so personal and how do you begin to express the hugeness of that gift? It's so much bigger than washing machines.

If I had written the script for my life, I would still be without children. I would be finishing up grad school right about now. Nate and I would probably still live in that tiny house with no insulation. I'd probably be driving a janky old Volvo. I'd have no stretchmarks, better shoes, no Claire.

Today in church, I felt my little speck of a boy move inside me to the same music that stirred his sister not long ago. And I cried. This morning, Nate taught Claire to say, "Happy Mother's Day." She came running to me saying Happymamaday! Happymamaday! In her tiny hands was a card that she had signed herself. A more lovely gift I can't imagine. I am grateful for plans that are not my own. I am grateful for one wee, kicking boy. Even when I try and make my own plans, I am stopped short, turned around and given the greater gift. I am grateful to be their giant.


Alida said...

Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

Happy Mother's Day! Being pregnant on Mother's Day is so emotional, isn't it? I cried and cried on Mother's Day the year that Sydney was born (just three weeks after Mother's Day).

Hope your day was a good one, even if the brunch didn't work out.

AngieG said...

Happy Mother's Day Kari! God is good - thanks for the reminder.

Valerie of Momia said...

This was a beautiful post.