Tuesday, May 13, 2008

toddler grocery list.

This morning, while I was making a grocery list, Claire climbed up on my lap and said, "a list!" When I asked her what she wanted to pick up at the store she suggested in this order:
1. Pancakes
2. Potatoes
3. Dada


Anonymous said...

There isn't anything else that you should need. Plus that makes your shopping trip super fast!

AngieG said...

I think Claire has a keen sense of the all the necesities in life! Smart girl!

Ang said...

We were at Target and we had lost Sean. Some employee came up to Clark and I and asked if he could help us find anything. Clark just said, "Find my Daddy!" The guy looked confused and walked away...

Lion Heart said...

Aww the precious things our children ask for. Whats great is that you can easily give her the things on that list.

Well see if the list stays that simple 10 years from now.

Valerie of Momia said...

Are "Dadas" on aisle 12? ;)

Anonymous said...

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