Tuesday, June 24, 2008


You drive to a nearby outlet mall with your 2 year old and a friend to pick out a dress for your baby shower. She offered to come and help with the child. You are say, 30 weeks pregnant. You are maybe the tiniest bit cranky. You pick a few things and head to the changing room. Before you can get into the changing room, your perfect size 6 friend decides to try on a few things in the MATERNITY STORE. What do you do, folks?

Just wondering.


katie said...

this is where you take a deep breath and try to remember the person you were before kids. I did some pretty crappy things to my mommy friends when I was'nt a mommy yet, and I did'nt think twice about it, because I only had myself to look out for! oh, how times have changed, and someday that friend will be a mom and apologize up one side and down the other, cause they just don't get it until they have a little urchin of there own.

Ang said...

I probably would have cried in the dressing room a little bit and then I would have gone home and complained to Sean. I might have eaten some ice cream for good measure too.

Good luck to you my friend. You can be a size 6 someday again too. Right now you have to grow that little boy. So eat well! :)

Anonymous said...

I supposed my first question is this: Does she read this blog? Is this a non-confrontational way of voicing the incredulity?

Anyway, I hope you got some good mocking in while you were in the store. :) Yes, that's my answer to "what do you do?" You mock. :)

Their Giant said...

Nope. She doesn't have a computer at home and has only ever looked at my website if I've directed her there- I'm pretty sure I'm safe.

For the record, I went with a little bit of Ang's strategy and a fair amount of mocking :)

Holly said...

I think I may know this friend! :) Mocking is definitely in order.

rae ann said...

congratulate her.


momaof4 said...

Oh! I think I would have laughed at her. Why would a size 6 women WANT to wear motherhood clothes? Goodness. But you know those shirt styles are totally popular right now :) Maybe she was hinting at something :) Tee hee!

Love you!!
LOVE THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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