Thursday, June 19, 2008

kind and generous.

My good friend, Erin* called a couple of weeks ago with the best offer ever. She said she wanted to watch Claire for a few hours on a Friday morning so that I could get anything done that I needed to do before El Segundo gets here. My answer? HECK YES, sweet, sweet woman. Erin said to think about how I wanted to spend my morning and she'd come over first thing with her 2 kids and entertain mine.

Every single thing I could think of doing involved being at home (cleaning, cooking, decorating the babe's room). I realize that this time is a precious gift because (at least for a while) the party is going to be over after baby gets here. It was seriously impossible to get anything done when Claire was a newborn, and I'm aware that 2 is going to be harder than 1.

So, what would you do with three hours, internet? I'm totally out of practice when it comes to large chunks of time without a wild woman toddler on my hands, and I could use some suggestions. Free time starts first thing tomorrow morning!

*And no, you can't have Erin's phone number.


Ang said...

a. Ask your friend to take Claire to her place instead and do the things you want around your own house. It may not be "fun" but you may feel relaxed afterward if your house is clean and all that loveliness.

b. Go to a film. You can put your feet up and think about whatever you're watching for awhile.

c. Get a pedicure. This is especially important when your due date gets nearer so you can have pretty toes at least while you're in the hospital.

d. Buy a new book. Go to a coffee shop and read it. Walk around. Enjoy having absolutely nothing to do for a couple of hours.

I vote for either a or d.

Alida said...

Mani & Pedi? Bookstore? People-watching? Movie? Shopping? Lunch? (a real one with no mac & chesse or chicken fingers) Massage? Long quiet drive? Long bath?

Could you tell I've given this some thought...yet when given the chance, I don't know what to do with myself either!

Their Giant said...

I like all of these. Fortunately (unfortunately?) Erin lives pretty far away, so taking Claire over there would really cut into my time, whatever I do really has to be away from here- unless I want to do with with 3 kids under 4 around- and I don't :)

Anonymous said...

3 hours alone... sounds fantastic, but I would be in the same boat... time is so precious you don't want to waste it...
I vote for a massage... to bad becki moved to austin...
prego massage kind of sucks though...
get a pedicure and and make nate take you out to lunch...if he is'nt to smelly....thai food yumminess..

Anonymous said...

Prego massage sucks? I loved them - it was the only time I got to lie on my belly as I got bigger, and it was heaven. I could have cared less about the massage part - I was overjoyed to lie face down for an hour. :)

As for what to do with the 3 hours...I'm not the right person to ask. I would do errands. But then again, I sorta like errands...that feeling I get when I cross stuff off my list makes me all warm and tingly inside. :)

momaof4 said...

Can't wait to hear what you did!!!!

I am always at a lose when I have free time. But when all 4 are around I see all these cute stores I want to go in...but when they are gone...mind forgets all those cute stores and freezes up :)

Hope you had a few quiet hours.