Thursday, June 05, 2008

no amount of coffee.

Claire and I baked this morning. It is not noteworthy that we baked; we are girls who like to bake. It is not unusual that Claire was wearing nothing but a Cars-themed pull-up, nor that we were baking banana bread. Even the background music was the same as it's been. I found myself fighting tears this morning as I watched her attempt to crack eggs and fit the entire kitchen aide mixer into her mouth. Me and her. Her and me. My heart is already so full, I wonder how there could be room for someone I don't know. Yet I am assured that there will be plenty of room for him when it's time. Right now, she fills every bit.


Stephanie said...

I remember that feeling well, of just being so in love with Sydney, how could I love anymore? And yet, as you said, it comes. Just at the right moment.

But she'll always be your first, and that is forever something special.

Ang said...

I know exactly what you mean. There is room for way more love in our hearts than we can even realize until the moment arrives.

The funny thing is, you'll likely love Claire even more when this new baby joins your family. It's like the new love is contagious on the old loves. Not a bad deal...

Team Johnston said...

I remember that feeling too, but it does come once you hold them both in your arms.
~Danielle :)

Alida said...

What beautiful moments you and your girl share.

Tonight, I kissed my boy good night and made my way to Isabela. As I bent to kiss her good night I was overwhemled by how much love I felt for both my babies!

Seems almost impossible, even after the fact.

Happy McNally Mom said...

You are such a wonderful mom. You are such a good example of a mom who enjoys everything about being a mom.

Lion Heart said...

awww, tears :') that was sweet Kari. I know that feeling. Your wise not to worry much about it though. your going to be a great mom of 2 i just know it.

Anonymous said...

This post made me cry--and I don't have pregnancy hormones, like you! It seems you were able to put a common motherhood experience into beautiful words.

Thanks for sharing this.
Bethany B.

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