Thursday, July 24, 2008


Dear Claire,
This could easily be the last letter I will write to you as an only child. I have a feeling that in a month, things are going to get crazy even if your brother isn't here yet.

Things might be hard for us, girlie. You're going to have to learn to share. And so am I. We'll make room for our boy together. He can dance at our dance parties and bake banana bread with us. He is going to be needy but we can do this. We will welcome him into our little club because he is one of us.

Do you know that he moves the most when you are around? Yours is his most favorite voice. It is also mine.

I worry about how it will be for him, being second. You've had 2 years to weasel your little self into my heart and amaze me with how wonderful you are. I worry, but it is for nothing. I will love him because he is ours. Because he is mine, like you are. And that will always be enough.

Look at you at 27 months, I'm still amazed.


Alida said...

She is a beauty. I think you'll be surprised how easy two little ones can be. When I was expecting Isabela, I would worry thinking how in the world would I take both of them out of the house. How in the world would I take Luke to play at the park with a 2 month old in tow?

I was pleasantly surprised. I'm convinced we mommies can grow extra arms no one can see! It will be wonderful. Many blessing to you, my friend.

katie said...

i felt the same way before max was here. I remember crying my eyes out at almost 9 months pregnant on halloween. I did'nt have enough energy to get ollie into his costume and take him to any of our halloween plans. I felt like the worst mom ever, and seriously questioned what I had gotten myself into. But almost two years later I have two amazing little men, and I would'nt change a thing. Well, except the lovely prego weight gain, I would definitely change that, if I was magic and could.

Ang said...

I cried and cried before Donovan arrived. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to take care of a 2 1/2 year old and a new baby. I felt that all my time went into taking care of Clark... what could I possibly change to bring in another little being into our home?

There's no secret. I didn't do anything magic. I just keep figuring it out as we go. So far so good I must say. So far so good.

Glory Laine said...

Alida and I were thinking the same thing. She's beautiful!

Cynthia said...

I wish I could be a little closer to you right now. I know I'll feel that more when the boy gets here. I hope you know I think of you often! Love you!

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