Thursday, July 03, 2008

awesome things people say to pregnant ladies.

1. Are you sure you're not having twins?
2. You're due in August? You have to go through the whole summer. It's going to be SO hot!
3. You're having a boy? Boys are much harder than girls.
4. Your first will probably hate you for having a baby, but only for 6 or 8 months.

Dude, I wish I were making this up. Comments are back on, friends. Tell me, what was the most awesome thing someone ever said to you while you were 'with child?'


Stephanie said...

From my MIL: "You look bigger than you did when you were pregnant with Sydney." Maybe it was meant to make me feel better since I was so concerned about measuring small, but really? Not helpful.

cmhd said...

I liked the "Just when I thought you couldn't get any bigger, you did" comment from my friendly neighborhood Baskin Robbins dude. Ok, you can be quiet now, Mr. B-R man.

ang said...

From an acquaintance without siblings or children: "Oh, you're having ANOTHER boy? Good luck with that. You know they're just going to hate each other."

Mrs. Ranch said...

I loved the 'Was it planned?' and 'Are you going to have more?'

As if I was already planning to have another baby while pregnant. Not to mention, I don't really like discussing my birth control options with complete strangers!!

Then when you have the newborn people will say, 'Wait until she/he's 2, that's horrible.' So annoying!

Their Giant said...

Oh, are you planning on having more is a great thing to ask when someone is HUGELY pregnant. I love that one.

Alida said...

Someone told me, "Your first at 35? You are no spring chicken you know? Why did you wait so long?

Holly said...

WOW. People suck even more than I thought!

AngieG said...

OK - I never had any comments while I was "pregnant" because I was never pregnant with Daniel. I did go into Baja Fresh with Daniel when he was very young and the manager there knows me (I know - sick and twisted that the Baja Fresh manager would know me). He said, "Oh he's getting so big! I remember when you were pregnant!"

Jeff, Renee, Carter and Camden said...

I just had to add the comments I got when I was pregnant with my 2 sons.
1.) "Wow, you don't look pregnant from behind, but then you turn around and holy cow you are huge! "- Half compliment have jab.
2.) "You again? Are you sure you are gonna have a baby or is that (glancing at my 8 month belly) from all the frosties?" - The teenage drive thru guy at Wendy's. Had his mom heard that, I am sure she would've slapped him upside his head. I know I wanted to.
3.) "So do they think you are going to have like a 10lb baby or what?"
4.) "You look exhausted. " - Gee, thanks. It's really easy carrying 30 extra pounds around my waist plus the 1st baby who weighs 25lbs now too.
5.) "Wow, you started showing so fast with your 2nd one, must be those loose muscles."
6.) And the best one of all, "Is your Dr. aware of how much weight you've gained?"

momaof4 said...

Oh! These are to funny!!! I can't believe people say these things.

I can't remember any think I blocked them out? Preg. with twins I am sure i heard some.

We STILL get the "are you having MORE kids??!!??" With that look of 'are you morman or something'

Um and for the record...I think boys are easier....if you don't comb their hair - who cares, they are cute boys. If they have mud on them - who cares, they are boys. If they run around crazy - who cares, they are boys. If he is taking things apart- who cares, they are boys. If he is peeing outside- who cares, they are boys!!! :)

Girls can't do those things!!

Lyna said...

WOW Kari, I did'nt think you were going to post all of the things I have said. I guess I WILL start working on my tact. :)

Joshua & Valerie said...

Must say I gasped when I read Angie's!! AAAAAAHHHH!!

When I was pregnant with Makayla, I got "did you try long" several times with is a not so well veiled "was it planned" neither question is appropriate, of course.

I think I'm showing pretty good for 20 weeks. I think I've been showing pretty well for weeks now. But it annoys me when someone says something like "you don't look pregnant". To this, I pull in my shirt or even lift it up to the top of my expanded belly and say "this is not 'me', this is baby". I feel it's insulting because if I don't look pregnant, then they must think that bsby bulge looks like fat...or a tumor. Really...I think it looks like a baby bulge!!

Okay, I feel better now!

cmhd said...

Ha ha, Lyna! That's funny. Way to own it. :)

Tom said...

Someone asked Lindsay how she could drive, thinking that Lindsay's belly (which someone else called a "torpedo") was so big that she wouldn't be able to reach the steering wheel.

And how's this for a comment: Lindsay had already had Grace, went to a grocery store, and the clerk asked her how far along she was. "Actually, I already had my baby," was her reply.

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