Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have pictures and a post in my mind about a beach trip that made me feel grateful for being exactly where I am.

I have exactly 2 photos from our recent camping trip and a post in my mind about the way my husband made it all happen and how he was perfect in every way for 47 of the 48 hours we were gone.

I have video of my girl singing twinkle, twinkle little dar, that is probably interesting to only myself and The Oma, but whatever.

Also I have a story about my sucktastic doctor that you're not going to believe.

But Internet, I am tired. There's no food in the house. There is little room in my body for this growing baby.
And here I am, full of this boy, smiling like a deranged person, trying to avoid looking like this once again.

Millions of tiny white polka dots, so slimming on the 8-month pregnant frame.


Anonymous said...

Details are needed when you are more February. :)

Happy McNally Mom said...

You look soooooooooo awesome. I am glad you posted a pic so I could see how good you look.

momaof4 said...

Your so CUTE!!! I think your wonderful, and no I'm not hitting on you, though I do miss your smiling face and funny looks when something dumb happens!!!

Can't wait to see you soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that I would find the video very must post it when you aren't so tired.

I TOTALLY want to hear about your doctor since you NEVER emailed me back about your appointment :(

LOVE the picture of you. I think you look totally adorable - and TINY! You go girl!