Sunday, August 10, 2008

can't. sit. still.

I no longer walk. I officially waddle. My college roommate would be so sad, when Nate asked me if I wanted to walk tonight I turned him down. I am exhausted.

The girl, though, she keeps running. And moving. In the past month, she has moved to a big girl bed without a problem, she has potty trained (one month of carrying purses before I return to the huge diaper bag), she has requested privacy, a haircut and a ring for her finger. How does she know that everything is about to change? I asked her what her last name is and she answered, "Big Girl." And she is. When she was little, I took pictures of her every day, now she is harder to contain, always moving, always running.
And soon, there will be 2 for the chasing. I know he's in there, but it still blows my mind.


Alida said...

She changes daily. She is beautiful and she's going to be such a big help. Seriously, I think girls should always come first. Whenever I asked Luke to help me with Isabela (Lukey, get me a wipe, diaper, the bottle please.) his response, (still today) "No thank you, mommy."

Micah Lehman said...

Hang in there friend. There will be plenty of days for walking (or running or chasing) ahead :)