Monday, August 04, 2008

craft time with the dada.

I love craft blogs. I love to see what people come up with and make. I like grabbing ideas even if I rarely make the things that I diligently bookmark.

This weekend, I got away with a group of girlfriends for a night. Saturday afternoon when I called Nate, he told me about a project that he and the girl created. After listening to a few of my friends describe what their husbands were up to, all I can say is I am the luckiest. Nate and Claire ate their oatmeal, made a craft project and went skateboarding. Then they went out to lunch and hit the swings after naptime.

In case you were wondering about the craft: here's what they did. They used a website called Bus Selecta to design and print a bunch of cars. Then they printed them and cut them out. Next they mounted the cars to a strip of cardboard to resemble a street with tons of VWs and Porsches.

When I found out that I was having a boy, one of my big fears was that Nate would lose interest in Claire as our boy got older. When I watch these 2 together, I know that as usual, my fears were unfounded. Dude is turning into Martha Stewart before my eyes. It is precious to behold.


Anonymous said...

are'nt you sneaky sneaky with your blog links... you and nate are both lucky... but I think your kids may be the luckiest, to have really cool parents like you two!

Anonymous said...

That is way cool! I love it. You are so right. I love to see how Jason interacts with the girls. He can do awesome hair dos for them or teach them about cars. Love it!

Alida said...

Don't be surprised if when your girl is older and you are out, Nate paints her nails!

You ARE a lucky gal...luckiest of all are your kids! They get a cool mom and dad.

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