Tuesday, August 26, 2008

for my mother.

Thank you for your kind words and support.

Here's another of the photos that Hollie took the other day. One that won't make my mommy blush. We decided that when you are pregnant, it is important to gaze down and think nice thoughts about your baby.

My mom called yesterday to let me know that in the 70's when she was having her babies, women didn't show their bellies in maternity photos. They also wore tents instead of t-shirts. In the 90's though, those same women got tattoos in precarious places to embarrass their daughters.


FL said...

I LOVE this picture of you! I will be checking your posts everyday to see when that little(big) boy is coming. I am praying that you will get to go through labor and the ring of fire just as you imagined. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Oma! And now, I must admit, that I am half-hoping for a picture of the tattoo, although zoomed in enough to leave out the surrounding precarious place. Do it! :)

Ang said...

Anna has a tattoo? Oh my. I don't think I want to see that at all. :)

Their Giant said...

Trust me, Ang...you don't want to see it. I seriously doubt she'd let me photograph it, though the thing does make an appearance in public (accidentally) from time to time :)

Anonymous said...

Oh it's your mom w/ the Tat..... I thought maybe it was Claire! Though she wasn't born in the 90's LOL!

Say do you have one too Kar? I'm game to get one..... maybe we put a group together as a sort of mom bonding experience!

UR Awesome as ever!

Holly said...

I think I like the other picture better. I'm neutral on the naked belly issue, but love your smile in the first one! It's like the opposite of raised eyebrows. Also, love the sweater.

Valerie of Momia said...

You're a funny gal! I love the prego pics. They are beautiful...and so are you!

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