Monday, September 01, 2008

28: a walk in the park.

August has not been an easy month for us. It's hard to make plans when think you might be having a baby that day. My body has slowly been preparing for labor. I'll spare the details, but there have been good of signs. Claire knows something is happening. She knows a baby is coming. It is hard for all of us to wait.

Some things I want to remember about her 28th month:

The time she told him, "Come out, baby. I have toys."
She broke my heart the day she told me she would live at Grace's house after he was born.
She broke it again all of the million times she's kissed my tummy.
When I ask her if she needs attention she always says yes. When I ask her what kind of attention, she thinks for a moment and then says, "goldfishies."

The day before she was born, Nate and I walked together at this park. Yesterday, we found ourselves back there, this time walking with our girl. We collected treasures, picked berries and had a sweet time. For a moment, I forgot about how huge and uncomfortable I have become and just enjoyed my family as it is right now. When we got to the end of the trail, she spotted the playground. She ran in place and shouted, "I found it!" Then she dropped my hand and headed for the slides.