Wednesday, September 10, 2008

do you remember when we met? i sure do, it was some time in early september.

20%. That is the likelihood that my previous doctor gave me of a successful VBAC. Not great odds. I wonder what she would say about the giant baby I pushed through my nethers five days ago?

Everett was born after a 2 AM trip to the Birth Center dilated to 7 1/2, which at the time felt pretty crazy, but later, we'd have a drive that would be insane. There were hours laboring in the tub and falling in love again with my husband who held me up as I pushed and he prayed. Then, when things weren't progressing, a 12 mile trek to the hospital fully dilated and contracting, my head in the midwife's lap, while I still managed to backseat drive a little. We met the doctor for the first time at the door of the little hospital and I knew I could trust him to deliver my child. How many ob-gyns do you know who started out doing homebirths in the 70's? No one suggested surgery. My mom arrived in time to hold my hand, as I screamed myself hoarse and commanded Nate to pray. The vacuum came off of his head repeatedly. There were no drugs. There were 5 1/2 hours of pushing before he finally emerged, giant like Claire was, face up like Claire was, with tiny scratches on his head, but perfect. My body felt as though I'd ran a marathon. I felt pretty hardcore. Better, even after all of that, than I did after my c-section 2 years ago.

There were intimate moments in a beautiful setting, then me on the table surrounded by strangers and none of it mattered, as soon as he was there.

And my heart stretched with my body to accommodate my littlest one. I can't wait to see who he becomes.


Anonymous said...

Dang sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hey! What are you doing?!? I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to cry this early in the morning. Drats!

/shakes fist
//wipes at eyes

But what a sweet picture. If he's anything like the rest of his family, he'll turn out pretty cool.

Hugs to you all.

Hosmerita said...

You amaze me. What a great picture. Big sister Claire seems to love him! I am so proud of you for pushing out a giant baby with NO DRUGS!!!!
I can't wait to meet him.

FL said...

You are my hero! I'm so happy for you and Nate. 20% chance, huh? Did you know that 53.2% of statistics are incorrect? He looks like he's a month old in this picture. So precious!

katie said...

You are pretty hardcore! He is such a cutie, and claire looks awesome with her little brother, i can't wait to see you guys!

Ang said...

"you made me wait around.. I was so crazy about you I didn't mind."

Thanks for the details. You are awesome.

momaof4 said...

You have the cutest kids!! More? ;)

Alida said...

Beautiful...all of it. The story, you, your husband, precious big sister and of course, that little guy!

Holly said...

Oh Kar, I am so happy for you! How thrilling he's finally here and that you delivered him the way you wanted to. No drugs. 5.5 hours. Over 9 pounds. Holy crap. You are absolutely, completely hardcore.

Happy McNally Mom said...

Amazing!!!! God is so good!!! He is so perfect.

Valerie of Momia said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post. I'm beside myself. You gave birth with NO DRUGS to a 10 lb. 9 oz. sunnyside baby. You are truly, truly amazing.

I just finished a post on my own blog. I can't believe you compared your experience wtih a marathon. My entry is titled "Labor is a Marathon"!!!

You are such an inspiration. You ARE amazing!

Congrats, little family. Congrats!

Valerie of Momia said...

Oops! Nine pounds, ten ounces. Three pounds, one ounce bigger than Makayla. Did I mention you are amazing?!

Ona said...

Wowsers and OUCH!!!!
Beautiful post. I have so much respect for you women who are able to do this.
My birth plan was without drugs and at 3 centimeters I was demanding the drugs. I'm a big wimp!

Jeff, Renee, Carter and Camden said...

I know it may be annoying when someone you don't know at all posts on your blog, but I have to ask, do you make yourself cry when you write your posts? I cry just reading them. What a great story of a strong Mommy and beautiful new baby boy.

Jeff, Renee, Carter and Camden said...

To reply to your comment, it was a long road finding you here in blogland. Here goes, the blog "Lyssa Lou" (no longer up) was written by my friend Paula, Her sister writes "Let her be little", on her blog was "Two Tootlepops", from there "The Adventures of Bean and Sprout" and alas you and Miss Claire. I just love the monthly posts on Claire, in fact I stole this idea from you. Now I look forward to your posts on Everett. I follow your little family, for some reason it's comforting to watch people go through the same experiences your own family is. Steal ideas, laugh, cry, etc.

Their Giant said...

jeff, renee, carter & camden-
Sometimes I make myself cry. When I wrote this it was late and I was tired, I wasn't even sure it was coherent. Later, I re-read it and yeah, I cried.

It is always my babies that make me cry.

B. Barker said...

I've run a marathon and I've birthed babies. You're more hardcore after this birth than you would be after a marathon! And holding that sweet baby is much more wonderful than the mylar blanket and t-shirt you get from running a marathon.

Thank you, thank you for these details. I'm so stinkin' proud of you, I can hardly stand it!

[p.s. I think you can officially say that you birthed a toddler, given his size. I'm sure your nethers would agree.]

Anonymous said...

I Love you so much!!...I am so proud of you and of my brother! I can't wait to meet my nephew!...I read these post when I am missing you!..but when I do I just miss you more!! this picture is so beautiful!....Dani

Anonymous said...

Kari, your blog is beautiful. Not quite as beautiful as your sweet family. God has richly blessed and protected you. Much love
Mom Curtis

Lion Heart said...

Your amazing Kari! No Drugs! Woohoo for you! I'm proud of you Kari! Hes the perfect touch to your beautiful family!

Clicked the link to your birthing center! OMG its so nice there!

AngieG said...

I'm a little behind on my commenting - I'm sitting her bawling. I love Everett's story. He's so blessed to have you tell it.

Cynthia said...

Sorry I'm so late in responding...been out of the blog scene for awhile. I'm so glad Everett finally entered the world to his awesome family. I think of you often. I'll love you forever!


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