Tuesday, October 07, 2008

i'm also not a fan of leather pants.

A neat feature of having 2 small children is the likelihood that on any given day (or night, in the case of our house), someone is going to be sick. Someone is going to need rocked or nursed or tylenol-ed. When Claire was tiny, there was no toddler around bringing her runny nose thisclose to my delicate newborn's face. Expecting the girl to resist those cheeks is like expecting her not to breathe. We weren't surprised when the baby got Claire's cold. Nate and I took turns. I nursed and diapered. He rigged up the humidifier and operated the bulb syringe. We both rocked and swaddled. Each of us nodded off in the rocking chair at different times. We both tried to lay the baby down only to be awakened minutes later by his tiny (yet forceful) screams. Each time he started to cry, I would cringe.
Speaking of cringing, there's this:

I'm pretty sure Mr. Richie wasn't singing about Mr. Baby. It was bad enough to be up all night without this song on repeat in my brain. Now, thanks to youtube, there's the image of those pants and those dance moves to accompany the soundtrack to one of the longest night of my life.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! Wish there was something I could do! We are praying for healthy Curtis', big and small.

Valerie of Momia said...

It's rough when our little ones get sick...and boy is Mr. Baby a little one!! I really feel for you!!

Ummm...never saw that music video. Didn't miss much. So, so sorry (almost as much as Mr. Baby being sick) that that song was on "repeat play" in your head. Times can be tough, man. Times can be tough ;)