Friday, November 28, 2008

6 things about month 31.

Dear Claire,
Here's what you should know about yourself at 31 months:
1. You have a good memory. I mean, freakishly good. You remember the names of waitresses that you've met one time. I'm good at names, but you, my friend, are amazing.
2. One of my favorite parts of the day is watching you watch the intro to Sesame Street. You seem genuinely surprised to see the characters on screen and shout their names as they appear. It seriously blows your mind that they come back every morning.
3. You can throw a pretty spectacular fit.
4. You are compassionate. When Everett cries, you pet his arm and say, "that's okay, baby" in this low voice that mimics the one I use to comfort you.
5. When something's especially great you say, "I'm es-cited!" and run circles.
6. Today when we were talking about our favorite things. We had a long conversation about food. Then I asked you to tell me your very favorite. Your answer was this: "Going to the park with Dada. That's my favorite."

You are long and lean and no longer a baby. Sometimes you still want to be rocked and your limbs dangle to the ground. You love it when I hold you both and call you my two babies. I look at his hand on my breast as he nurses and I see the baby you were. I am better at loving him because of you, girlie. I love you.


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Lion Heart said...

sweet, kari!