Thursday, November 13, 2008

his & hers.

Claire's mom- 29 and pregnant. Not her plan. Scared to death. Fearful.
Everett's mom- 31 and pregnant. Planned. Still scared. Hopeful.

Claire's mom- Cleans during naptime. Makes grocery lists. Plans menus and cooks.
Everett's mom- Does not clean during naptime. Makes grocery lists. Makes sandwiches.

Claire's mom- Takes a picture every day of her sweet little cherub.
Everett's mom- Happy if she takes a shower every day. Has no idea where the camera is most days.

Speaking of bathing.
Claire's mom- Gives her baby a bath every single night.
Everett's mom- "Hey Nate, when was the last time we bathed the baby?"

In a proud Claire's mom tradition, a self portrait. We've done a ton of these together. This one is blurry because, dude, we're tired. Not because he is a bad baby, but because he is a baby. He wakes up in the night to nurse, as he should. The difference for this new mother of 2 is that when she was little and napped during the day, I would curl her onto my chest and sleep. When he naps, I am building tall towers and singing the usual songs and giving horsey rides (really!). It's a charmed life.


cmhd said...

It sounds like you're doing a great job. Hang in there. :)

Anonymous said...

You amaze me sister! Thanks for posting. It gives me a glimpse of me....maybe next year?
*smile & hugs*

Kristine said...

Hey having two kids is NOT easy and you seem to be doing fabulously. You know... you could get Claire one of those kid cameras (the digital ones that can take a beating) and encourage her to photograph things... like um... Mr. Baby? What a funny story that would be! "Everett, we let Claire take your baby pictures.."

Anonymous said...

Dude, blurry or not, you're both beautiful beyond words.

Alida said...

What a beautiful post.