Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i remember when. i remember when i lost my mind.

Do you know that sleep deprivation is a highly effective form of torture? We've been conducting some unscientific research here at Casa Iderdider, and have concluded that sixty nights is the maximum number of nights that a mother can go without adequate sleep before she loses her mind.

Last week, I hit the wall. Claire's constant questions stopped being endearing. Even the sweet smell of Mr.'s head was only slightly comforting. I started offering to drive Nate to the doctor for a vasectomy myself. I would wake to Everett's nocturnal cries, stumble to the couch to nurse only to find myself sitting there two hours later with a crink in my neck, knowing that I'd be doing it all again in an hour.

Thankfully, this time I knew what to do. There are no gold stars for motherhood. You don't get extra points for soldiering on without asking for help. Claire spent an afternoon with friends. The next day I drove to my mom's for a bath and a nap (hello, sleep number bed, will you marry me?). Nate stepped up his night time bottling. Also: last night I went to bed at 8 PM and slept uninterrupted until 1:30. I had actual dreams for the first time in forever. If you don't have a newborn, you can't appreciate the awesomeness of that amount of sleep. But it was awesome indeed.
Mr.Baby, my sweet torturer.

*This is another of Hollie's pictures. Love love love this one.


rae ann said...

friend, why are you blogging at 4.38am? do you blog and nurse...?

this post made me realize that i need an oma in my life... badly.

Anonymous said...

We welcome a play date w/ Claire anytime!


Hollie said...

Thanks for all the great free advertising! I am glad you got 5.5 hours of sleep straight last night!! You're doing a great job Kar! love ya!

Happy McNally Mom said...

Those memories are way to fresh in my head. I'm so sorry. At least you know that it does get better. Hang in there.

Lion Heart said...

Oh Kari! How I know all to well how you feel! Yuck!

When I had Asher I had my mind set on sleep deprivation for about 1 month then I figured routine would set in...right? Well and guess what one did...and it was the sad routine of no decent sleep. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Stay strong my friend! Hold fast! You'll pull through! Its a season and this too shall pass! Lots of Love!

Alida said...

...and then when he slept through his first night, I kept waking up every two hours to make sure he was breathing!

Yep, it make one a little crazy!

Valerie of Momia said...

Yeah..ya gotta love that pic!!!

This sounds all so familiar...but with no toddler. I'm so glad that you can admit that you are no super human. How wonderful that Claire was able to spend time with others and that you get some you time at your mom's.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Kari- you are wrong- 7 yrs and 7 months is the longest a mom can go without adequate sleep......and counting. :)

Congratulations. He is ADORABLE!!!!


Kristine said...

HAHA what a great photo! :) He's so cute!