Monday, November 03, 2008

the princess and the poultry.

Claire informed me weeks ago that she was going to be a pink princess for Halloween this year.

Friday I informed Everett that he was going to be an angry chicken.

I've always loved a good angry chicken.


cmhd said...

Haaaaa haaaa haaaa! I love me some angry chicken! Awesome, and the pink princess is very pink & very princess-y. :) They are both adorable!

I'm starting to think the chicken suit is cursed. :)

Alida said...

That is so sute. At Winco they have an angry chicken pinata. When the kids misbehave, I tell them I'm getting the angry chicken for their next birthday!

Your angry chicken is much cuter and your princess is very pretty in pink!

Anonymous said...

i was hoping the chicken would make future appearances. yaye chicken!


Ona said...


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