Monday, February 09, 2009


Some things I can't do since having children:
* Watch any of the Law and Orders.
* Maintain a clean car.
* Listen to someone's "I pushed for 2 minutes" birth story without inwardly cringing.
* Go to sleep without kissing two sweaty foreheads.
We were looking through old pictures last night from before Claire was born and Nate commented that she's been around now longer than we were married without kids. I am always grateful that my five year plan was cut short. Sweaty foreheads and all.


Alida said...

I love thinking about things like how the little one have been around longer than we were married without them. I love to think about the fact that Luke doesn't remember a time when his sister wasn't around.

I especially love tucjing them in at night, especially when I do it again while they sleep!

Kristine said...

TV is on the internet now! :) You can watch it instead of sleep. Hopefully sometime this year I'll get pregnant and in the future I will understand your point of view!

Unknown said...

Great picture of you and Claire. I really love reading your blog! You have such real insight and thoughts! See you next week at MOPS.

cmhd said...

Cute picture!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your five year plan was cut short too.