Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's not easy to be me.

Recently, I've been confronted with all of these tiny selfishnesses that pre-kids wouldn't have even been considered selfish. Sleep in on Saturday? Refusing to share with a known back-washer? Pee in privacy? These become little luxuries.

Leaving the house feels hard. I know it gets easier. But we are so in it right now. It's hard to write a post like this and not add a little qualifying statement. To say, it's worth it, or something like that. Of course it's worth it. But it's still ridiculously hard.

Love hurts. Ask Mister Baby.


Holly said...

Poor Kar. It all sounds extremely hard to me, and I am full of admiration for you! I hope things get better soon. Everybody should be able to pee in peace.

Unknown said...

Oh Kari. I know how you're feeling...well, to a certain extent. I only have one baby, but it took me a LONG time before I didn't feel like it was a really big chore to leave the house. I can't imagine what its like with 2. It will get better, soon I hope. I'm glad you get out to make it to MOPS, even though we don't talk much there. :) Everett is so cute...and someday maybe I'll see Claire in person too!

I can't totally relate on the sleeping in thing too. I've never really been one to sleep in too much, but right now I could really go for a 9 o'clock sleep in!!

katie said...

peeing without company is highly over-rated... that is what I keep telling myself..

Anonymous said...

Is it sad that I have (fastidiously clean) baby toys in the bathroom?

Going out with 2 takes something extra that is for sure. When Mr. doesn't have to eat as often and when he's down to 1 nap it will be simpler. Plus, it will start to be a routine and won't seem as crazy when you've done it for longer.

I am with you that you are so IN it right now. Hang in there, friend. Take a break when you can and don't feel guilty about it. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

you are one tough mother. seriously.
love you.

Anonymous said...

We will just have to come to you! Let's plan a play date soon! Thanks for sharing!
Love and Hugs~
T & Z

Alida said...

Hooray for me, the little ones are learning the value of privacy. They now actually close the door when they use the bathroom. They however haven't yet mastered the knock before barging in theory...baby steps, baby steps.

What we are in deep right now is a teenager that comes in and out of the house and never locks a door (makes me nervous) and an adult child that never ever ever calls.

I can't say which is more distressing; no privacy or no contact...hmmm?