Friday, February 27, 2009

tried to make me go to rehab (i said no no no).

Rip Van Claire decided that for the month of February she would boycott naps. She was becoming a beast in the evenings. By 6 PM, she was a blubbering red-faced mess, refusing her dinner and demanding stories. Wednesday, Nate stayed home with the kids so I could go and ram my head against the wall, I mean, take a break.

Yesterday, The Dada (bless him) suggested removing the (mountain of) books from her bed at naptime. We allowed one book, had a little prayer and talk about how great sleep is and she finally relented. After missing a month of naps, she finally slept. And she was her usual, fun self the rest of the evening.

Today, when I put her down for rest, I let her choose the one book and it felt like I was running a wee small rehab for toddler junkies.
"I'll just put this one next to me."
"No, that one's my favorite!"
"Teddy needs his book."
"Let's put one on the floor by my biggirlbed."

In the end, we used a more cold turkey approach and from the sound of the next room, it appears to be working. Who knows though, she's probably got a stash under her mattress.


Anonymous said...

you are awesome! doesn't it kill you when the hubby suggests something that actually works... so hard to say the "you were right" thing. for me at least...

cmhd said...

Glad something finally worked! Happy napping, Claire!

Valerie of Momia said...

Oh, I must say, I lauged at the "refusing her dinner and demanding stories" part. Not totally sure why. I think because it sounds somewhat familiar!

Claire, please take your naps. Your momma needs them just as much as you do!!

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