Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dear Claire,
Next month you turn three. One of the most amazing things over the past few months has been watching you develop reason. You have to remember that I knew you before you could talk, before you realized the benefits of peeing in the potty, before you were here. When you decided to stop napping last month, you and The Dada had a little chat about how your body needs a nap. Later, we asked you what your body was telling you. Your answer, "My body wants to go nigh-night...but I say, wake up, body, let's read books!"

One feature of motherhood that I could do without is the sense of guilt that somewhere, someone is always disappointed in the job that I'm doing. I worry about your brother feeling left out and I worry about you feeling neglected. I try to compensate by taking you for little outings with just me. Saturday, we headed to "that train mall" to look at the puppies. On the way there I said, "Isn't this great, just two girls going together?" And your answer, "I miss Everett."

He also makes an excellent horse. Maybe my worry is for nothing.
Love you, girlie.

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