Monday, March 16, 2009

wherein i gush.

I wore a pretty fancy outfit by my standards yesterday. Flats instead of sneakers. A dress over my jeans. Sparkly ring that had belonged to my grandma (thanks, Mom). Pearls, even. Walking through Costco, Claire pokes me in the stomach and says, "You cute, Mama." Funny to me that she noticed.

But that is how you are, you notice everything. I want to remember the pages and pages of sea forces (sea horses) and boa 'strictors you draw. How you are a big kid, but you still want to be rocked sometimes. I want to remember teaching you to be gracious when someone else wins at Candy Land. And the smell of your little girl neck. Running on tiptoe. I want to remember your made-up words, how Everett gets a million nicknames a day, but mostly he is your "little Everett Peep."

And you, always and forever are the girl I call Pooper.