Friday, April 24, 2009

3 is the perfect number. yes it is.

Today you are three. How did this happen? You were just born.

Now you have so much to say. You crack yourself up. This week, when I've asked you what you want for your birthday dinner, every time you say, "Sheet metal. It's really good, Mama" with a completely straight face. And it never stops being funny.

Some of the moms at soccer have been asking me which preschool you'll go to in the fall. I sheepishly tell them that you're staying home until you're 4. That we're not ready. The truth is, you'd go right now and be just fine. It's me that's not ready. This time with you is precious and I know once you go, it will be like a train we can't jump off.

There's this thing that I always say to you when I leave the house and you start to turn on the tears. I always come back to you. Lately, in the midst of playing and running wild, you've started saying it to me. This time is precious. I'm so glad you're my girl.

Happy Birthday, Pooper.


Anonymous said...


Alida said...

Happy birthday big girl!

Valerie of Momia said...

Sheet metal goes well with just about anything.

Happy (belated) birthday, Big Girl!

Happy McNally Mom said...

Happy Birthday cute girl. Brandan is four and he isn't even going to preschool so there all you soccer moms.

cmhd said...

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Kristine said...

Who needs preschool when you have an awesome mom to teach you? :)