Friday, April 03, 2009

in sickness.

Today I celebrate 2 colds, 2 flus and five years of marriage with this guy.

I love you, Nate, even on Nyquil.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
We really love you two!! We are so thankful God put you together.
Much Love Dad and Mom Curtis

Happy McNally Mom said...

Happy Anniversary. Here's to praying for health.

Holly said...

Wow, five years already! Congratulations, friends. Love the NyQuil portrait!

cmhd said...

Congrats, you guys!

Ona said...

Happy Anniversary! Will you be at mops anytime soon?

Their Giant said...

I'm hoping to make it Tuesday. I have traffic court that morning, but I think we've decided that I'll go to MOPS instead and just mail in the fine. It's been forever for me and I heard that the speaker was pretty cool. :)