Thursday, April 30, 2009

loose ends.

Make your own pudding finger paint:
In a stand mixer prepare vanilla (or whatever flavor white) pudding according to package directions. Add food coloring. (I suggest swimsuits for this activity and if a friend is going to participate, individual "paint" dishes).

Some time ago I asked for help identifying the meaning of a certain license plate around town. I even offered a prize. Then I completely forgot that I have a blog. Stephanie correctly solved the mystery of ILMEGU. Because our winner recently moved out of town, I thought a fitting prize would be something only found locally. Word on the street is she'll be back to speak at MOPS soon and I was hoping to give her a little gift card love that she could use while she's here. Any ideas?

Also, changing my profile picture now, Alida. So no one gets any ideas.

Lastly, a girl on her horse, because you can never get enough giddy-up.


Alida said...

I thought it was a brillant idea!
Have a good weekend friend and enjoy those little ones.

goddesskms said...

She looks MUCH happier on the horse in this picture then she did when we took her and Brayden. LOL!

Stephanie said...

The word is out: I'll be at MOPS on Tuesday. I'm super duper excited to be back with my MOPS peeps. Or meeps. Or mamaleeps. You better be there. That'll be prize enough :)

Ok, it's time for me to go to bed.