Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the triumphant return of ILMEGU

Years ago I worked as an advocate at a social service agency. It was inspiring, heart-breaking work and I loved my co-workers. We answered crisis hotline calls and somehow it became normal to stop mid-conversation and counsel women in serious need. One of the conversations that we repeatedly engaged in during downtime revolved around a license plate on a neighborhood car. It read, "ILMEGU." For two years, we talked about ILMEGU. We wondered about him. We guessed at the meaning of this license plate.

Fast forward eight years. Claire has been enrolled in Soccer Tots for a few weeks now and imagine my surprise when parked next to me is a shiny blue minivan with that enigmatic license plate. ILMEGU, who are you? What are you trying to say? Why have I still not been able to crack your code these EIGHT YEARS later?

I am desperate, folks. If anyone has an idea what ILMEGU means, please, take a guess. Believe me, it can't be worse than what we imagined it to mean.

A prize to the person who correctly identifies ILMEGU. What is the prize, you ask? That, my friends is a mystery as old and exciting as ILMEGU himself. And, because I am shameless, I will wait in my car for the driver of this illusive blue minivan, and crack the code of ILMEGU once and for all.


cmhd said...

Ah, Google is a wonderful thing. I can't tell you what ILMEGU means, but I can tell you his real name, his phone number, his email address, the fact that he coaches soccer, and occasionally sells stuff on Ebay & We could always just call him and ask him, thereby saving you a long wait. :)

Stephanie said...

The soccer field was a big clue.

My guess--reaffirmed by your previous comment's Google info about him coaching soccer--is "I'll Meg You," as in "I'll Nutmeg You," which is when you kick a soccer ball and it hits a guy in the groin.

I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm right. Prize City, here I come :)

katie said...

ummm that is hilarious and scary! seriously I don't know how I feel about google.

e-mail address... user names..... I see in my head a man in an incredibles type costume with ILMEGU written across his chest.

IMELGU: Middle aged mans alter ego.

Ang said...

Stephine has got to be right. Make sure you ask what it means and don't make Nate ask or he may get the demonstration... :)

momaof4 said...

To funny! I am going to ask my hubby since he coaches soccer and see if it makes sence to him...

My brother had a good one:


Stephanie said...

After running my guess by Jason, he's making me clarify my definition of "meg." It's anytime you kick a soccer ball between someone's legs. Evidently no physical contact is required. Also, he knows the guy who drives that car. Funny, huh?

Anonymous said...

My guess is
I {I}
L (Love)
M (Me)
G (God)
U (Universe)

Anonymous said...

I'll Meg U. That must be it since he is a soccer coach and quite well knows what Meg is. Great job to you that figured it out. Any more out there? That was fun

Anonymous said...

Hey Kari!
I say he is a photographer and is actually saying
"I'll Image You"

Like take a photo of you or something? Corny?

LOL! Good luck! Yeah Claire! Soccer! You rock Mama!

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