Sunday, May 17, 2009

the babies on the bus.

Claire and her buddies visited the fire station this week and played it cool for the firefighters. These kids go ballistic when a firetruck drives down our street, but in the presence of the actual trucks and hoses and POLE, they were miniature teenagers. I imagine if Elmo walked into the station they would've been all, "Hey Elmo's here. That's cool."

Unrelated: it was bound to happen. In this family the babies get on the bus. Then we snap some pictures.


Alida said...

It seems impossible that your girl is that big. I love babies on bus pictures.

cmhd said...

It was a great time. TLO loved telling everyone about the "fire" she saw that morning. "Really? You saw a fire?" "Nope, no fires." I think she just likes to mess with people.

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