Sunday, May 10, 2009

blessed with 2.

There are so many moments that I don't capture on film now. Even though the camera is nicer than the one I had when she was a baby, my hands are fuller and there isn't always time.

Mother's Day started at 3 AM with an unhappy baby who refused to be comforted by anyone but me.

I grumbled, but he was unmoved. Doesn't he know it's Mother's Day?

Later, on the way home from delivering gifts to the grandmama, tired beyond tired, I catch them giggling, touching fingertips. And she says to him, "Holding hands together is the best, Ev." They giggle some more. It is sweet. We both wipe our eyes a bit in the front seat. I try to stealthy grab the camera, but the moment is gone.

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cmhd said...

My mom talks about the pictures your heart takes. The moment might be gone by the time you got to the camera, but it will always be in your heart. :)