Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the doctor is out.

I was surprised to see comments asking for the recipe for my happy tea.

I'll tell you what I did before starting the tinctures and tea and if you're still interested, email me and I'll tell you more.

I cut out sugar. I mean completely. Also, dairy. And white flour. This is not to sound awesome. Although, honestly in comparison to how crappy I felt just a few months ago, I feel awesome. I am eating natural sweeteners: raw honey, maple syrup, nasty nasty backstrap molasses, a few other things. I have never once been successful at dieting. But this feels different. This isn't because I want to fit into my skinny pants. This is about being tired of feeling awful. This one change was huge for me. Go off sugar for a month, I dare you.

And, in my quest to turn my kids into serious hippies, Mister Baby has been subjected to some awesome unprocessed teething biscuits. He is a fan. Though really, the dude will put anything in his mouth, so he's love of the natural teethers isn't saying much.


goddesskms said...

There is NO way I could cut all that out of my diet...so does that mean the happy tea wont work for me???

Their Giant said...

Not saying it wouldn't help, but the naturopath wanted me to eliminate refined sugar especially. The dairy was just to see if I was intolerant to it (I'm not). The white flour part was the easiest, because there are so many good whole grain substitutes out there.

Our bodies really do better without the heavily processed sugars....but, there are other ways to sweeten stuff :)

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