Tuesday, June 30, 2009

update: the pits.

The homemade deodorant has been a huge success. It smells a bit like WD-40, which around here is just fine. All of the delicate underarms in our household have been converted to the in house brand.

So this is the summer that I (so far) have made my own deodorant, picked tons of berries, made naturally sweetened frozen jam, grew a fairly impressive garden and managed to keep 2 small children alive. Well done, me.


Alida said...

You are like a super hero!

Dim and Jana said...

Yay on the deodorant--I like it too... so now--naturally sweetened frozen jam? Can we know the recipe? I always cringe at the amount of sugar in homemade freezer jam...

Unknown said...

You rock Kari! Seriously, that's awesome!! I can't believe you made your own deodorant, I even told my hubby about it, and he was impressed too!

I'm super curious about your jam. I've been making lots of freezer jam this year (for the first time!) and it has so much sugar, so I'm with Jana...will you share your recipe with us? I would love to make some naturally sweetened!

Oh, and where do you pick your berries?

Their Giant said...

For berries, I did raspberries and strawberries at Fordyce's (on Sunnyview) and Olsen's for blueberries...their cherries were gorgeous too.

As for the jam, it's super-easy. Just use the pectin that is marked for low or no sugar and use either unsweetened fruit juice (what I used) or honey. They have the no sugar pectin at Freddy's.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my dear, you do rank as a super hero. And not just in your children's eyes. Great Going!! I love you, Mom Curtis

cmhd said...

Hey, all these things are good! Way to go!

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